A Warm Welcome from Tech Nebraska 👋

Written by Laurel Oetken

April 16, 2024

Dear friends, fellow innovators, technology leaders, and enthusiasts,

I’m so happy you found your way here. It is with great excitement that I extend a heartfelt welcome to you from our organization, Tech Nebraska – Nebraska’s first technology trade association. 

As the founding Executive Director for Tech Nebraska, I’m honored to lead the organization in its early years alongside several community leaders in technology and innovation. 

Nebraska needs to continue to grow a thriving technology sector to drive its economy, compete for top talent, and prepare to solve the challenges of tomorrow. 

Our state outputs nearly $4.5 billion in GDP from the information technology sector, and, despite ambitious goals established by government and business leaders to grow technology businesses and add jobs, Nebraska’s technology community isn’t yet reaching its full potential. 

That’s where Tech Nebraska comes in. 

At Tech Nebraska, our mission remains steadfast: to cultivate Nebraska’s tech community to drive collaboration, growth, and policy. 

To achieve this mission, we will: 

  • Convene technology leaders to create an agenda that is pro-growth, pro-technology, and pro-business
  • Create statewide partnerships and efforts that advance organizational goals 
  • Influence legislation on federal, state, and local levels to foster an environment that creates new technology businesses, jobs, and fosters innovation 

We recognize that the landscape of technology is constantly evolving, presenting both unprecedented challenges and boundless opportunities. 

In the face of this ever-changing landscape, we also recognize that Nebraska and its economy are thriving and growing because of the innovation, diversity and leadership driven by a connected technology sector in the state. 

Our goal is to move Nebraska into the top tier of the nation’s technology ecosystem, and it will take collective effort from tech leaders from across Nebraska, and from all industries. 

Our diverse membership will drive our vision forward. 

Our association is and will grow to be more than just a collection of individuals interested in technology and innovation; but will become a coalition of diverse expertise, experiences, perspectives, and industry representation. 

From seasoned Chief Technology Officers and Chief Information Officers with decades of industry experience, to startup founders who are working to build the next fortune 500 company, each member, and prospective member, will bring something unique to the table.

We are committed to fostering an ecosystem where innovation is celebrated and that regardless of your years of experience, you feel welcome, valued, heard, and included. 

Through thought-provoking events such as our annual Tech Nebraska Summit, to advocacy, and one-on-one time with some of Nebraska’s most influential technology leaders, each of our members will receive the support they need to thrive in our ever-changing technology landscape. 

Tech Nebraska is and will be a community of visionaries, pioneers, and changemakers who are united by a shared passion for technology and its limitless potential to shape the state’s future. 

Our technology association is more than just a platform for professional development for Nebraska’s technology leaders, but will also be a catalyst for policy change. Our members will have first-hand opportunities to influence pro-growth, pro-technology, pro-innovation and pro-business policies at the local, city, state, and federal level through our association. 

Together, we’ll create a future for Nebraska where technology is a force for good, empowering business leaders, students and community members to reach our full potential. 

We want YOU to be involved. 

As you navigate through our brand new website, I encourage you to explore all that Tech Nebraska has to offer. 

Whether you’re looking to expand your professional network, connect with Technology professionals within your industry or sector, want to stay up-to-date on the latest Nebraska technology trends, or get involved with our advocacy efforts, I hope you’ll find a wealth of opportunities to engage, learn, and grow.

On behalf of the entire Tech Nebraska team, I extend my warmest welcome to you. We hope you’ll join us on our mission in Nebraska. Together, let’s embrace the power of technology to shape a better tomorrow.

Laurel Oetken
Executive Director
Tech Nebraska

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